History of Piney Grove

The Piney Grove Missionary Baptist Church was first organized in 1896, on a hill east of here under a bush arbor. Some dedicated Christian soldiers under the inspiration of GOD, collected bushes toform a bush arbor. They were the late Rev. Nathan Nixon, Rev. Frank Jones, Dea. William Tobey, Sis.Rilla Nixon, Sis. Sally Cooper, and Sis. Lula Lewis to name a few. In the year of 1900, Mr. John McCloud donated a small track of land to build Piney Grove Missionary Baptist Church. In 1904, the church was destroyed by a windstorm. By the will of GOD, another wood-framed church was erected.

As the years passed, the building began to deteriorate and something had to be done. In 1966, the old building was torn down, and then a block building was erected. Later, gas heaters and carpet were installed. Afterwards, new pews were installed. In 1976, an annex, water fountain, and restrooms were installed. In 1983, the Pastor’s Study and ceiling fans were installed and the choir stand was enlarged. In 1986, the heating and cooling system and glass doors were installed.

In 1987, aluminum doors were added to the front of the church. In 1988, the Sanctuary was renovated and in 1989, curtains were added to choir stand, pews were padded, and the church published it’s first souvenir book. In 1994, the annex was remodeled and additional restrooms were installed. In 1996, a handicap ramp was added and a telephone was installed. In 1997, the aluminum doors were replaced with white double doors, a church sign was erected outside, a new devotional bench, chairs, and a tithes box were added to the sanctuary. In 1998, spear-headed by the late Rev. Larry Coleman, the church acquired additional land donated by Mr. Lavone Speir. Also, in 1998, the public announcement system was updated, choir stand extended, and drums were added. In 1999, emergency lights and chandeliers were installed. In 2001, the church choir was reorganized. In 2002, the church obtained full-time status.

In 2003, a 15-passenger van was purchased by the help of the late Dea. Wilson Green. In 2004, the Community Development Center was established. In 2006, the Church assumed a name change to First United Baptist Church. In 2007, the church building was repainted and in 2008, the Pastor’s Study and restrooms were remodeled. Steps and doors were also added to the choir stand. Also in 2008, the church assumed back its original name- Piney Grove Missionary Baptist Church. In 2009, a new storage facility was erected. In 2014, light renovations were done to the church and the sound system was updated.

Also, the church is renovated the annex, Pastor’s Study and restrooms. In 2017, renovations were done to the kitchen area of the church. In May 2018, the Church enlarged the sanctuary by adding two restrooms, a sound room, and a finance room. New choir and pulpit chairs were purchased. Hardwood flooring was also installed in the choir stand and pulpit. In addition, new carpet was installed in the sanctuary. In 2020, during the pandemic, the church took on a new renovation project. The church sanctuary was totally renovated. This renovation included the sound room, finance room, and two restrooms. The Church has had 2 Sons of the House, 54 Deacons, 10 pastors with our present pastor being Bishop Henry J. Moore, Jr.